Aerial Photography Photo Gallery: Flying floatplanes

July-August, 2012: Working on my airplane single-engine-sea rating, in Talkeetna, Alaska, and then in Turner, Maine, where I finished it on August 4th. Since my first exposure to the fun of small airplanes was chartering floatplanes for aerial photography, this rating means a lot to me. This closes the loop!

Talkeetna, Alaska (Alaska Floats and Skis): Over July 4th week, en route to Denali, but I was not able to finish my rating in the time available here.

floatplane dock lodge Piper Pacer Charlotte in Piper Pacer Piper Pacer Piper Pacer aloft Piper Pacer aloft Piper Pacer displacement taxi Charlotte pumping floats Piper Pacer taking off Piper Pacer taxiing Piper Pacer on the step

Turner, Maine (Twitchell's, which, sadly, no longer exists): Finished up here August 4th.

C172 C172 C172 at dock C172 taxiing, with geese C172 displacement taxi Charlotte dipping the tanks Charlotte with C172 C172 overhead C172 aloft C172 at the dock Charlotte pumping fuel C172 taxiing

December 23, 2012, flying a Maule M-7-235 on straight floats, near Orlando, Florida:

May 12, 2013: my birthday flight in a 1946 J-3 Cub on straight floats at Sport Flying of Connecticut. We returned there on June 7, 2014, October 13, 2014, August 15, 2015, October 31, 2015, and June 25, 2016. Too bad they no longer exist.

July 2013: Mountain flying in a heavily-modified C172 on straight floats out of Moose Pass, Alaska. We returned there in June, 2021, to overfly the Sargeant and Harding icefields.

July 2016: Another heavily-modified C172 on straight floats out of Fairbanks to Minto Flats:

September 10, 2017 flying an amphibious Aviat Husky with Sport Flying of Connecticut. We returned on July 9, 2018 to do this again.

August 2018: Flying a C172 on straight floats in Alaska's Mat-Su valley.

May 2021: Flying an Aeronca Scout in Nashua, New Hampshire

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