Aerial Photography Photo Gallery: Quabbin Reservoir

October 17, 2009: Sterling, Hudson, Maynard, Mt. Wachusett, the Quabbin Reservoir, and Mt. Monadnock, with pilot Devan Wiebe. Photographer: Charlotte. Gear: 2 Nikon D200 bodies, 24-70mm f2.8, 80-200mm f2.8, 20mm f2.8, 10.5mm f2.8, SB800 strobe:

preparing the Cessna 172 preparing the plane tower and antennas K1XM/KQ1F QTH K1XM/KQ1F QTH and antennas Harvard Observatory Wachusett Reservoir river and bridge river stream and foliage under the wing fields the corn maze highway Mt. Wachusett ski trails windmill at Mt. Wachusett flood plain Devan the Quabbin the Quabbin under the wing looking out over the Quabbin foliage the Quabbin the Quabbin the Quabbin and Mt. Monadnock islands pond and foliage shoreline foliage the Quabbin pine-clad islands golf course islands downtown village river swamp swamp Devan Mt. Monadnock under the wing Mt. Monadnock foliage and houses floodplain stream highway pond shoreline pond farm landing approach Devan refueling parking the plane

May 10, 2010: The same route around the Quabbin Reservoir, but in a different Cessna, photographing spring greens, same camera gear:

the Quabbin the Quabbin the Quabbin the Quabbin forest and reservoir Sterling airport beaver pond farm swamp swamp swamp shoreline houses lake forest stream swamp the Quabbin the Quabbin shoreline

May 17, 2010: Around the Quabbin Reservoir, up to Mt. Monadnock, and back to Minuteman Airport in Stow, with Amita Potnis.

Devan taking off Amita shooting Amita shooting the Quabbin the Quabbin Mt. Monadnock Devan landing highway interchange fields swamp trees stream island in the Quabbin the Quabbin stream top of Monadnock top of Monadnock hikers on Mt. Monadnock ultralight trike at Minuteman Devan taking off

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