Oshkosh 2010: westbound flight

As a new student pilot, Charlotte flew to Oshkosh for Airventure 2010 with Devan Wiebe and Troy DiGiovanni in their Piper Cherokee, while Paul took a commercial flight with most of the luggage. Our route west from 3B3 took us over Niagara Falls. We ended up overnighting in Lansing, Michigan, due to thunderstorms, and flew into Fond du Lac the next morning. Later in the week the boys moved the plane to Oshkosh.

Cherokee on the ground at 3B3 Troy preflighting Devan and Troy preflighting Chsrlotte and Troy at the controls Charlotte at the controls Devan and Troy Devan and Troy Troy Niagara Falls view out the window Devan and Troy cloud streets Devan and Troy, doing what Devan does best: landing eastern shore of Lake Michigan Devan and Troy, with chart approaching west shore of Lake Michigan wind turbines on the ground in Fond du Lac Troy Devan and Troy in Fond du Lac

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Last modified 10 March 2011