Aerial Photography Photo Gallery: Myricks Fly-in

Our local EAA chapter 196 runs the barbecue at the Myricks Fly-In.


Myricks field barbecue

Cessna landing Cessna taking off landing SNJ6 landing

Stearman Stearman Stearman landing ? taking off amphib landing fluying boar landing flying broomstick

Piper Cub candy drop:

two Cubs Cub approach Cub kids waiting for candy drop Cub two Cubs Cub candy drop


trike trike trike trike

Antique cars:

Ford Fairlane Porsche Porsche Porsche engine antique truck


Myricks from the air, a week before the fly-in:


Cub and visitors Citabria and visitors Stearman making smoke antique cars antique car and owner CAP bush plane SuperCub people and fly-in planes planes and visitors planes and visitors Andy and hot dogs Stearmans and visitors antique cars Stearmans and Chipmunk landing plane Pitts antique car enthusiasts Stearman flying T6

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Last modified 23 September 2014