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This was my reward to myself for all the hard work leading up to passing my glider add-on rating checkride: an instructional flight in the beautiful, fully-aerobatic, agile MDM-1 Fox, with my instructor, several-time aerobatic champion Jason Stephens. This plane is rated for inverted flight, and was marvelous fun! The original plan was for me to fly each maneuver after it was demonstrated to me, but after a grueling day of my oral exam followed by my checkride, I wimped out after flying the tow and a couple of turns to get a feel for the agile plane, and just enjoyed myself, but I'll be back some day.

Fox in the hangar in the cockpit pushing out of the hangar wing runner taking off on tow Fox on tow release Fox Fox flying inverted Fox flying inverted straight down knife-edge flight knife-edge flight Fox aloft Fox aloft Fox inverted high-speed pass Fox rolling out the Fox grin walking back to the hangar

We returned in 2013 for aerobatics training in the Fox.


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