2-33 Photo Gallery

Arizona Soaring has four Schweizer 2-33s, and during my time working on my glider add-on rating with them I flew two of them.

Estrella Sailport sign

prepping a 2-33 about to hook up tow plane and wind sock about to launch wing runner just off the ground on tow taking off on tow taking off on tow on tow on tow turning on tow on tow release 2-33 tow plane landing, dragging rope 2-33 landing 2-33 landing 2-33 rolling out walking back

Practicing pattern tows, I flew 14 of them the day before my checkride. This 2-33 has a trim lever, which helped polish my spot landings.

prepping the glider tow plane on the runway taking off on tow release 2-33 2-33 on final 2-33 rolling out

Jason Stephens giving me my signoff.

signing off

Success! I worked hard for this one.

student no more!

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Last modified 12 February 2012