Aerial Photography Photo Gallery: Alton Bay

Winter festival at Alton Bay, NH, at the southern tip of Lake Winnipesauke, 14 February 2010. The ice is between 24" and 30" thick, except where the water is kept open around the docks to prevent damage. It is also very slippery!

helicopter takeoff helicopter photography flying up Alton Bay Lake Winnipesauke banking hills approach to the ice airport cockpit of helicopter approach for landing on the ice ice airport docks and planes planes parked on the ice small plane parking lot parking planes on the ice small plane taxiing in small plane landing ice under small plane planes lined up to take off on the ice

The ice airport never opened in 2011. There was so much snow that winter that the ice never formed a decent surface. However, in 2012, there was very little snow, and the ice airport opened once the ice exceeded 12" thickness in the bay. It was not practical to go there for the winter carnival, but we did fly in the day after it, on President's Day Monday. I wasn't bold enough, at least not yet, to try this stunt alone, but Devan happily flew it.

approaching B18 ice airport on final to the ice airport ice runway Devan and '3AC on the ice Devan on the ice


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